A stream of consciousness
Oct 2023 - Present
To get better at communicating, I believe it's important to really dig into my own thoughts and figure out what questions come up from them. This page functions as my journal, where I aim to share my thoughts, inspirations, and current pursuits, all while rediscovering the joy of writing.


January 2
Setting my intentions for the year
Rebalancing my time and energy
Embracing my desires
Planning my next adventure
Vision boarding

Self-Discovery Pause

October 15, 2023
As winter draws near, I seek solace in the warmth of friendships. In these moments, I pause to fully immerse myself in the present. A growing sense of gratitude for my current circumstances envelops me. As I make progress in my rock climbing pursuits, I also find myself contemplating the paths of my future adventures. Although numerous possibilities lie ahead, I can wait. I find that true richness of life stems from embracing the present moment with gratitude.

Catching a break

October 10, 2023
The fear of not knowing what's coming and feeling like I'm not good enough is really getting to me. But in the middle of all that gloom, there's a tiny spark of hope. The sweet messages from my loved ones and the chance of something new are slowly lifting my spirits. I think I can turn this mess into a chance to bounce back. The road ahead is a bit fuzzy, but I'm dead set on coming out of it even stronger, ready for whatever comes my way. I'm starting to see this as the beginning of something new, and I'm pretty stoked about what the future holds.

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